The Crisis is Sacred, interview with Willi Paul of Open Myth Source

I was interviewed yesterday by Willi Paul from Open Myth Source on mythology, culture and the current crisis of our age! Willi had some good questions for me! Hope you enjoy, and forgive my inclination to ramble!

The show topics (a lot was covered, but alas with such questions we only scratch the surface!)

SHOW TOPICS (+) The new social prima material maker = permaculture? (+) What would you like to change in yourself or in your community the most? (+) What is “sacred time?” What is sacred to you? How do you know? (+) ARE THERE NEW MYTHS? WHAT ARE THE FOUNDATIONS THEMES? (+) Can we label you a scientific “priest”? Is that a digital shaman?! (+) Is it possible that one day the mystic will enjoin the scientific? (+) Role of intuition? How can this be formed and transmuted across cultures? (+) How is mythology shaping human evolution? (+) Do you have any updated definitions or uses of alchemy? (+) Tell me how to understand your soul. (+) What is the role of music in your creative process? (+) Whether crash / crashes / transitions / melt downs – how is hope working there these days? (+) “SOUL ALCHEMY” + “INTUITION IS AN ALCHEMY” – Willi’s Wonderings….

Open Myth Source is a dedicated to creating new mythologies and alchemy for the sustainability age. The power of myth can be used as an important tool in re-imagining our relationship to the Earth, our natural environment, and each other. He offers various “tool kits” to help folks actually design their own myths! Check it out.

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