#ITC2013 – Groggy Eyes with a View of Sunrise

by Jeremy Johnson

This is probably going to be what I'll be staring at for most of the conference!

This is probably going to be what I’ll be staring at for most of the conference!

So, here we go. 20 minutes til’ boarding, and then I’ll be in San Francisco for the very first time. That whole bit I said about “melatonin unto sleep” was a lie. I took melatonin and stayed up late with my partner and friends drowsily discussing the hopes and tensions of integral and planetary culture, modern spirituality – all while smoking a new hookah on the porch – til’ early in the morning. By the time I tried to hit the pillow, I was wide awake. I’ve squeezed in a nap-that will have to do! Wifi will likely be spotty, so I’ll see you all on the other end of this trip!

Currently reading: Present Shock, by Douglass Rushkoff

Thought of the hour, of the night, the tomorrow…

All work, the genuine work which we must achieve, is that which is most difficult and painful: the work on ourselves. If we do not freely take upon ourselves this pre-acceptance of the pain and torment, they will be visited upon us in an otherwise necessary individual and universal collapse. Anyone disassociated from his origin and his spiritually sensed task acts against origin. Anyone who acts against it has neither a today nor a tomorrow. – Jean Gebser