This blog

A consciousness studies researcher takes a critical look at the “Transformational Culture,” a cluster of ideas and communities that include the human potential movement, transpersonal psychology, and spiritual counter-culture.

This is a ‘litblog’ in the sense that I look at I’m researching a lot of texts that come out of the “experimental counter-culture.”

The writer

profile4I received my B.A. in Sociology from Fordham University and my M.A. from Goddard College in Consciousness Studies, where I was introduced to fields like transpersonal psychology, philosophy of mind, and religious literature from Buddhism, gnosticism, and contemporary spiritual counter-culture. My masters thesis was an examination of digital culture in light of “depth psychology,” a field pioneered by Carl Jung and James Hillman.

My interest in consciousness studies stems from the curious link between literature and consciousness. I am a perpetual student of the Imagination, in the sense of Coleridge’s “Primary” and “Secondary” imagination, and J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary mythopoetics.  Other unorthodox influences range from the evolutionary mystics Sri Aurobindo and The Mother to Jean Gebser, an Austrian intellectual and phenomenologist of consciousness.

While I’m a deep student of ‘esoteric studies,’ and may even return to school for it, I’m interested in the contemporary world: futurism, scifi, evolutionary theory, and postmodern science found in the likes of Philip K. Dick.

What I do

User bias alert. I work as an editor for Reality Sandwich magazine, and serve as Outreach Coordinator for the Evolver company in N.Y.C.