Jeremy is a writer of short stories and essays, a blogger, rogue academic and new media scholar. He received his MA from Goddard in Consciousness Studies and a BA from Fordham in Sociology. Exploring the interstices of myth, media and religious experience, his writing attempts to outline the direction of our interconnected age.

He currently works for Reality Sandwich magazine as an editor and Outreach Coordinator for Evolver.

He has contributed to a number of internet projects, including Beams and Struts, and Single Eye Movement. Jeremy’s writing has been published in the latest Spring 2011 issue of Kosmos Journal, a magazine dedicated to exploring and envisioning a global civilization. He blogs and publishes regularly on and Reality Sandwich.

Jeremy currently resides in NY.

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David Metcalfe is an independent researcher and artist focusing on the interstices of art, culture, and consciousness. He is author of “Of Dice & Divinity – Some Thoughts on Gambling and the Western Tradition” forthcoming in The Immanence of Myth, a compilation of essays exploring the presence of myth in the modern imagination from Mythos Media and the Weaponized imprint.

Writing regularly for The Eyeless Owl (, his illustrations were brought to life in the animated collaborative grotesquery A Serious Inquiry Into the Vulgar Notion of Nature featured at select venues in downtown Chicago during the Spring and Fall of 2010.  He also co-hosts The Art of Transformations study group with support from the International Alchemy Guild, and is a contributing writer at Alarm Magazine ( ), Modern Mythology ( , and Evolutionary Landscapes (


Miriam Gabriel (or “Miri”) is a poet and mystic-activist. She is currently in the Consciousness Studies program at Goddard College, studying the relationship between erotic and spiritual modes of living and knowing in the transformation of self and society.

She is an avid proponent of transdisciplinary mixed-media writing, where the writing piece may start from a passionate, “Gnostic calling,” freely spilling into whatever genres or theses that respond to the pressing calling of the piece.

Among the themes that emerge in Miri’s writing are participatory knowledge and organization; mystic underpinnings of social change; fluidity of erotic identity in light of spiritual experiences, including cultural and GLBTQ issues; the myths and shamanic lineages of women; and daily journeying as an Arab-American woman in a full and beautiful relationship with Jeremy Johnson, as they both seek to make “right livelihood” out of doing what they love – writing and speaking and expressing spiritual transformation – and facing perilous and joyous challenges in that vocational process!

You may find Miri touring Spoken-Word venues in her new home state of NY, or you may reach her by e-mailing

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Abigail Geraldine creates images and writes at She is in love with humanity’s (mostly unrealized) potential for creativity, wisdom and connection and in figuring out how we can set it free. She dreams of a world far beyond the confines of what most of us have been raised to accept and works toward that world in her daily life.


Joshua Creighton is a freelance writer, web designer, Internet Marketer, and intuitive healer. With no formal education, he established PsychoShamanix Inc. in the summer of 2012 to facilitate and promote a more spiritual/holistic path toward mental health. He seeks to bridge the schism between science and spirituality through his various multimedia efforts. You can visit his website here:

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  1. Not terribly surprised, since we’re hanging with Wilberites here, but following the link to psychoshamanix pops this up:

    Reported Web Forgery!

    This web page at has been reported as a web forgery and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

    Web forgeries are designed to trick you into revealing personal or financial information by imitating sources you may trust.

    Entering any information on this web page may result in identity theft or other fraud.

    I guess if you’re “second tier” it’s all good, though. Thanks guys!


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