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Towards a Mystic Understanding of Erotic Knowing and Gender Identity

by laylarevery

In his show “Gender Mystic,” performer Didik Nini Thowok explores transgender themes and their relationship to mysticism within various Asian traditions.

Have you ever wondered about the intersections of erotic and spiritual life? I know I have, quite frequently, as most of my late-twenties life has shown a pattern of learned separation between the two, a pattern that still persists across multiple cultures I survived and interacted with. Yet, there is an abundance of arenas in life, from centuries-old mystic traditions to mytho-poetic and artistic perspectives, that reveal the contrary. They can show us how the erotic dimension of being human, the way of intuitive knowing that comes from a particular, irresistible pull towards that special someone or intense life calling, are inseparable from one’s spiritual actualization and fulfillment within their lifetime. Not only that, but there are also recent engagements between the spiritual and the sexual that can be of immense transformative potential for a society, and that I found have a lot of insight to offer to social movements organized around sexual liberation and gendered identity politics. Read the rest of this entry »

From Boxer to Philosophy Professor: an Interview with Dr. Richard Grego

by Jeremy Johnson

by Nicholas Fuller

Philosophy and spirituality in the context of consciousness studies has been a passionate, and intellectual pursuit of mine for many years. Authors and philosophers from Ken Wilber, to Alan Watts, to William Irwin Thompson, line my bookshelf and the folds of my mind. I recently enrolled in a philosophy course for my college degree, sadly, not to further deepen my understanding of the self and the world around me, but to simply fulfill a mandatory Humanities credit. Imagine my surprise when I read my professor’s self-introduction where he detailed his interest in consciousness studies. Read the rest of this entry »


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