A Quick Note on the movie Prometheus: Electronic Technologies & Nature’s Bursting Forth

by Jeremy Johnson

I haven’t watched Prometheus, but I was inspired to write this after reading John Ebert’s review of the film. Ebert believes that this film perfectly captures the state of the world today. The story retrieves the very old Biblical idea of the God that both creates and destroys. It is a scifi alien origin story. Not particularly new – after all, it was the underlying theme of Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and other works – but it revives this myth in a time when we are feeling a kind of Apocalypse overturning us. The mass 2012 fear and hysteria only contribute to symbolizing the ecological and economic crisis now facing us. We intuit a flood. The flood in this film, however, are the serpentine “proto-Xenomorophs” (early versions of the creatures in Alien). As Ebert points out, the serpent is often associated with water. Read the rest of this entry »