Institute for Cultural Evolution goes Live – Is there room for more radical alternatives?

The Institute for Cultural Evolution launched today. Founded by Elizabeth Debold, Carter Phipps and Steve McIntosh, the non-profit is dedicated to combating climate change and important world issues by a unique, peace-making and developmental approach. Based on Integral Theory, a socio-cultural framework developed by Ken Wilber, the think tank promises to alleviate “grid-lock” in politics […]

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Evolution’s Purpose

Steve McIntosh’s new book, Evolution’s Purpose: An Integrative Interpretation of the Scientific Story of our Origins, is at long last available for purchase. I interviewed McIntosh just this past summer. We talked in Chelsea, just near the High Rise, and I experienced Steve’s breadth and depth of ideas first-hand (and left with my head buzzing […]

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Evolution’s Purpose: An Interview with Steve McIntosh

On June 5th, I had the pleasure of meeting Steve McIntosh, author of Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution, and his upcoming publication, Evolution’s Purpose: An Integral Interpretation of the Scientific Story of Our Origins. Steve was part of a panel discussion entitled, “Cultural Evolution: The Solution to Practically Every Problem” that occurred later that evening. […]

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